Hello, and thank you for assisting us educate children how to cope in an emergency, and the appropriate use of Triple Zero (000), Australia’s emergency call service.

This game is designed for children of kindergarten and primary school age and consists of fifteen safety scenarios. The estimated game-play time is one hour, but can be played in shorter intervals.

The game relies on narrative and on voice-prompts. As such, competing noise in a computer classroom can detract from the experience. If available, the use of earphones for each computer will assist. In the event that earphones are not available, using a projector and a central game-play with one computer, using the closed captions option in the game or greater separation of players are all viable alternatives.

Teacher’s Lesson Plan

and Resource Pack.

This resource is intended for teachers of students in Kindergarten, Grade 1 and Grade 2. The resource has been designed to teach children the practical steps on how to identify, confidently react to and report legitimate emergencies by calling Triple Zero (000). The teaching and learning activities in the resource assist students to achieve outcomes in the Australian Curriculum for English, Technologies, Humanities and Social Sciences, Science, and Health and Physical Education.

Triple Zero Classroom Challenge

Triple Zero Classroom Challenge

A comprehensive educational resource that provides Early Stage 1 and Stage 1 students with the essential knowledge and skills they need to become competent, confident and responsible users of the Triple Zero (000) emergency service number. Triple Zero Classroom Challenge Presentation is a 30-minute digital, interactive game show style presentation available at www.000classroom.com


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Have you checked that other sounds play? You may need to un-mute your sound player, turn up the volume or fit external speakers.
Have you got other sites open on the internet? That might slow down the game’s loading. Close down the other sites and try again.
No, but Kate and Peter are just like real children who might find themselves in an emergency situation.
If you close the game in the middle, you will need to start it again.
Ask your teacher or caregiver to take you to take you to your local Police, Fire or Ambulance station to find out more about becoming an emergency services worker.
Kate’s mobile number is a pretend number. If you call it, Kate won’t answer.
Yes, if your teachers give you permission, you may play the game at school, and then you can play it at home as well!
Yes, follow the links from the home page to the App store or Google play!


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